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Game_Make If you think about working with a theme you will have to deal with drawings and images. Assuming that not everyone can draw as well as the next person, I wrote some lines about the capabilities of a computer.

Drawing For changing simple graphics you can use "paint" the standard program of windows. Do you want to get more out of a photograph or drawing a better drawing package is often desirable. A bit of software for editing photos is pricey and that we do not want. What we do want is a free software package. One of those I am very fond of is GIMP GIMP. The link will take you to the download page where you can also download a user manual.

Because software does not improove your drawing skills you might want to download some images on these pages or google for better ones. On the following pages you can find themed topics. The Gimp logo contains a layered drawing (to my knowledge only useful in GIMP) In these you can modify text or pictures to your liking.

World_Scouting_Emblem Scouting_logo Scouting_logo

Scouting Holland
Scouting_Speltakteken_Bevers Scouting_Speltakteken_Welpen Scouting_Speltakteken_Scouts Scouting_Speltakteken_Explorers Scouting_Speltakteken_Roverscouts Scouting_Speltakteken_Plusscouts

Scouting Holland oud
Katholieke_Padvinders Nederlandsche_Padvinders Padvindersvereniging_Nederlaand Nederlandsche_PadvindersRaad Scouting_Nederland_Logo_Oud_Zwart_wit Scouting_Nederland_Logo_Oud
Scouting_Speltakteken_Bevers_oud Scouting_Speltakteken_Kabouters_oud Scouting_Speltakteken_Welpen_oud Scouting_Speltakteken_Gidsen_oud Scouting_Speltakteken_Verkenners_oud Scouting_Speltakteken_Rowans_Sherpa's_oud

Baden_Powell Scouting_Saluut Scoutproof
Scouting_klimmen Scouts_logo Scouts_logo Scouting_pivo's Scouting_Stam Plus_Scouts
Scouting_Bevers Scouting_das_pas_Leven Scouting_Logo_oud
Leeuw Leeuw Leeuw Leeuw Leeuw

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