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Signature Game
acquaintance_game_signature Each youth member draws his/her hand on a piece of paper. Written in the palm is the name of the Youth member and in every finger there should be something written about this person. This may vary in topic:
Something which is experienced as funny.
About brothers or sisters
Favorite food Other hobbies, etc
A staff member collects the documents and the contents are read out. Members can guess who it is.
Newspaper whack
acquaintance_game_news_paper Except one, all youth members sit in a circle. The one, preferably older member, receives a rolled up newspaper and stands in the middle. Now a name of a youth member, that is in the circle, is called out. The person in the middle tries to hit the knees of this person with the newspaper befor he calls out a new name. If the person gets hit befor he can name another person he takes over the role of the one in the middle.
It is not allowed to call out a name within two turns or to name a immediate neighbor.
Toilet paper
acquaintance_game_toilet_paper When the day starts the members are told there is not enough toilet paper present. Everybody should take a few sheets to avoid running out. When everybody is equipped the participants are told that it is a game to get acquainted, everybody should tell some things about themselves.
The number of subjects per person depend on the number of the sheets he or she asked for.