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Insignia_communication Communication is a process where somebody tries to transfer a concept from ones image frame (The sender or the source where it is produced) to another (the receiver). As of the moment the transmitter starts sending, until the moment that shows that the recipient has understood, is named communication. Sending can be done in several ways. By means of speaking (verbal) or by showing images (visualization). For both means it is important the receiver understands the code (same language or interpretation of image).
Communication or information transfer can be devided in 5 steps. Only when all 5 steps are followed in the right sequence than you have communicated. The individual steps are described here:
coding Information must be processed before it can be sent. The processing (encoding) of information can be done in several ways. Language is an example of a communication code. When you use a code, it's important that the receiver understands it.
sending Sending the encoded information can be done in several ways.
Vibration (sound, spoken), light signals (body language or light) or electromagnetic radiation (radio).
morse To cope with the coded information a device or organ is needed. This device or organ must be sensitive to vibrations (ear), light signals (eye) and / or electromagnetic radiation (radio). (image: A sender and a receiver for morsecode.)
decoder-ring In order to be processed further, the received coded information, must be decoded.
For language this means that the receiver must speak the same language as the sender does. (Image: A decoder ring wich is used to translate symbols into letters.)
As in every step of the proces information can be lost, as by means of interpretation. A message needs to be confirmed.
The correct way to give feedback is to repeat the understood message. When it concerns a question it needs to be followed with your answer.
If a step is missing in the communication process, then there is no communication (information transfer).
When something goes wrong with sending, receiving or decoding, we call it noise. On some variations of noise we can have influence on others we can't.
miscommunicatie When there is noise that we can not change, then we talk about external factors. Imagine a phone that is at fault
If there is noise on wich we can have influence, we are talking about internal factors. Imagine an slurred speech and/or use of difficult language.