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Fracture Contusion Kit
ankle Contusion, Bruised and Sprained are terms that are used when something is painful but not broken. However, there is a difference.
contusion When the subcutaneous tissue is damaged by a blow as falling or bumping it might damage the blood vessels. In response, the victim, may experience pain, swelling and haemorrhages.
sprain In a sprain, one is referring to a joint injury. There will be no broken bones but one or more bands, capsuls or connective tissue can be stretched, torn or ripped. This creates slack in the joint which will be experienced as painful. The body portion may also become swollen and blue of colour.
For both bruises and sprains you can counteract the pain and swelling by cooling. Do this for about 15 minutes and put a pressure bandage. Placing up a limb can also bring relief and work against the swelling. Especially in the first hours it is important to regularly repeating cooling. Rest and light movements will stimulate blood flow to the muscle which will result in a faster healing process.
If you choose for ice-cooling, do not do this directly on the skin, it may cause frostbite.
Paracetamol can be taken as a analgesic and as a side effect it will act as a temparature regulator.