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Fire_Master Man has not invented fire, he has only learned to use and make it. Fire accurs in nature, as it is naturally started by lightning strikes and events as volcanic eruptions. In ancient civilizations, fire was a precious commodity for cooking, lighting, heating, extraction of forest for agricultural land and to process materials in activities such as forging and pottery. Fire is one of the main topics to be treated in a survival-manual. It provides light, heat, and keeps dangerous animals away. Directly and indirectly, you can even purify water with it. By heating the food you save calories your body would consume to digest unheated (raw) food.
Fire The position you choose to make a fire, may have serious consequences for the direct environment of the area where you are. A fire wich can extend itself, because there are too many flammable materials near your fire, can run out of control.
Before you burn down an area and you put yourself and others at risk, it is wise to ask yourself if you need a fire. If you do need fire the position has to be well chosen.
Never place a fire under potentially combustible material. (canvas, vegetation)
Ask yourself if warm elements, jumping out of your fire, can create a new furnace? (dry grass)
Is the surface, where you want to light a fire, freed of combustible materials? (humus and roots)
A fuel-depot, is made, upwind.
Are you able to prevent expansion of your fire.
Fire_Ice Despite the above, in some cases it is also important to ensure that you choose a position where your fire is "not easy" to extinguish.
There must be fuel in your immediate vicinity.
Preferably you do not make a fire into a pit. (rain)
In mountainous areas you do not place a fire directly at a river. (rapid water rising is dangerous and your fire is out)
If you do not have a choice, and fire has to be made on snow or ice, make sure that melt water can not extinguish your fire.