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Introduction Program Bushcraft
apple Requirements:
Aluminum Foil
Apple drill
Mix sugar with cinnamon.
Drill the apple progeny from the apple.
Fill the hole with the suikermix and push the ends of the progeny back into the apple. This will prevent the sugar running from the apple during the cooking process.
Wrap up the apple with aluminium foiland and place it, 10 to 15 minutes, in the hot ashes.
When you remove the aluminum foil notice for hot liquids that come out of the apple.
Chocolate banana
Chocolate_banana Requirements:
Aluminum Foil
Take a banana and cut with a long groove (the shell).
Put small chunks of chocolate into this opening.
Close the banana as good as possible and wrap it in with aluminum foil.
Place it among the coals, not in the flames! (a few minutes)
Remove aluminium foil and eat the content with a spoon throughout the created hole.
Primitieve pancakes
Primitieve_pancakes Requirements:
Cotton, wool or salt
Aluminum Foil
Solid steel wire
pancake batter
Empty the soda-can.
Cut through the can, creating a container with a closed bottom. Make some holes on the side for the supply of air. Do not make the holes to low, the spirit will run out. Put a piece of cotton on the bottom and pour spirit (alcohol) in the container. The spirit can be replaced cotton wool or salt. Your burner is ready now.
Bend the wire in a ring with a stem. The eye should have the measure of a pancake.
Coat the eye with aluminum foil and you have a primitive pancakepan.
(stick) Bread
stick-bread Requirements:
Flour + supplies
Make the bread batter and let it rise.
Ensure that each youth member has a stick, from wich the bark has been removed at the thinnest end. (40cm pests may live in it).
Turn the batter around the peeled portion of the stick.
The best way to get the dough around the branch, so that it will remain during baking, is:
Make a long sausage out of the dough. Turn it spiral-like around the branch. like a twister ice cream .... The dough will stick together and form one bread.
During baking, you need to hold the dough, above the embers. Do not let the dough touch flames, it will burn.
Cooking in mud
egg Requirements:
Make thick mud from sand and water. Make sure no branches or other combustible items are in the mud. The mud is good if you can make a small ball wich dous not collapse by itself.
Shape the mud around the egg into a ball, you add about 2cm around the egg.
Make a well in the hot ashes and drop the ball here for 10 to 15 minutes.
Remove the modderbal from the ashes and remove sand, rapidly cool the egg in cold water.
To check if the egg is fully solidified, place the egg on a flat surface and make it spin around its own axis. Do this with an uncooked egg so you can tell the difference.
It is allso possible to do this with a potato.
Orange egg
Orange_egg Requirements:
Neem een sinaasappel en snij het topje er af.
Hol de sinasappel vervolgens helemaal uit.
Take an orange and cut off the tip.
Hollow out the orange completely.
Break the egg and pour it into the hollowed orange.
Put the top back on the orange and fasten it with two thin twigs.
Place the combination in the hot ashes.
In between you may look to see if the egg is ready.
Cooking with plastic
plastic-ei Requirements:
Plastic bags
Put the egg with water in the plastic bag and tie it to a stick.
Hold the pouch over the hot ashes until water begins to boil.
If flames come up, make sure the bag does not touch them.
When the water begins to boil, it will expand. To prevent the bag from cracking open, you shall have to make a hole in the plastic, above the waterline. This so overpressure can get out.
Leave the egg cooking for about 7 minutes befor rapid cooling it in cold water.
To check if the egg is fully solidified, place the egg on a flat surface and make it spin around its own axis. Do this with an uncooked egg so you can tell the difference.
Hikebom Requirements:
Half a cup, quick cooking rice
Half a cup of water
Meat (might be SMAC)
Vegetables to taste (such as onion, carrot)
Little liquid butter
Aluminum Foil
Cut the vegetables and meat as small as possible.
Mix the rice with vegetables-mix and place the mixture on the foil.
Put in the water and butter.
Season to taste with salt and pepper, close the foil.
To be certain, wrap up the ball with a second piece of foil and put it in hot ashes. (20 mins)
Steam pot
Steam_pot Requirements:
Tin shell, without coating
Jar of vegetables (peas, carrots, beans etc)
Minced meat
Fresh vegetables (peppers, union etc)
Slices of cheese
Aluminum Foil
Cut all vegetables.
Add the potatoes, with water, in the can.
Add the wet vegetables.
Cover it in its entirety with the mince.
Put in the chopped dry vegatables.
Finally the slices of cheese.
Cover the tin with foil, in wich two holes are punched.
The water will boil at the bottom and make the potatoes and vegetables cook. The steam which formes cookes the meat and dried vegetables.
When the cheese is warm enough it will melt and drip down into the rest.
The holes in the foil are really needed, steam can blow off the foil and ashes can come into the can.
It takes 20-25 minutes.
With small children you might bake the mince so it definitely cooked.
Primitive meal
Primitive_meal Requirements:
Aluminum Foil
White Cabbage
Optional Raisins
Optional walnuts
Pick the large leaves of the cabbage and set aside.
Cut cabbage and potatoes into small cubes, add to taste, raisins, walnuts, salt and pepper.
Take a cabbage leaf and put half the bacon on it, placing cabbage-mix followed by the other half of bacon.
Cover the meal with cabbage leaves and wrap it completely with aluminum foil.
Put the package in the hot ashes.
When you begin to smell the food, turn the package over, only do this once.
After removing the aluminum foil and leaves. You can eat.
In the above method, the bacon gets cooked. By putting a stone into the fire, prior to cooking, it will heat up. After cooking your package, you may bake the bacon on it.
Attention! Never put wet stones in a fire, such rocks can "explode".