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Introduction Means Crisis Route Cryptography
Emergencysignal When you are in distress and you want to make this clear to others, it is important to know some signals. Regardless of what language you speak, communication over a distance or with a pilot is difficult when you can't express yourself verbally. In the base there are "YES" and "NO". YES as in yes I do need help. And No as I do not need any help. It is allso generally accepted to use colours, Yes (Red) and No (Green). In the table below, also an overview with sound and light signals.
Message Colour Sound Light
Red 3x short
3x long
3x short
3x short
3x long
3x short
Need help Red 6x short 6x short
White 3x short 3x short
Ground to Air Bodysignals
Emergencysignal Especially in areas wich are difficult to reach, it is important that you can use more then Yes and No. For this communication allso agreements where made. In the pictures below, the signals and the meaning.
Ground to Air Signs
Emergencysignal As you can't be ready to convey a message 24 hours a day, there are also signs that you can put up. A seeking party may deduce where you are or wich way you went. Combinations are also possible.
Attract attention
Above I described how to communicate with the Parties which found you. Whenever you are in the situation where you need to be found, it's important to attract attention. Ground to Air signals can be layed out, and you may hope somebody sees them. Somethimes it's better to act proactively by building a fire or attract attention in a different way. This last by sound or flares etc. A way to attract attention of planes is by using a reflecting surface. The hole is used to aim the reflection. Look trough the hole over your hand and you are able to aim.
Attention caught
Feedback As described in the introduction a communication process consists of questions and answers. The process is only complete when the recipient has received a message and understood it. Aircraft wich "wobble" the wings have understood your message. (feedback)