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Game of goose
acquaintance_game_goose Make a game board with 20 to 30 boxes and write a a command or query in each. By throwing a dice is determine in which section the player (youth member or staff member) ends up and what he or she must do. The first one to exactly finish on the last box wins. Examples:
Ask 10 players what street they live.
Depict what you like most about scouting.
Ask the player to your right to his name and to depict his favorite animal.
Ask the player to your left his name and to depict his/her favorite TV program.
Ask each participant to mention his name and his favorite color.
Ask each participant to mention his name and his favorite dish.
Sing a song and you may go to the next box.
Mention the name of 10 players and their hair color.
Mention the name of 10 players and the patrol their in.
You forgot to flush the toilet go back, three places.
Say the names of 10 players.
Say the names of players wich are not yet mentioned.
Tell the other players what you like to eat.
Ask each player's name and what his or her favorite song is.
Name a player and ask what he would like to be in later life. (10 members)
Name a player and ask where he prefers to go on holiday. (10 members)
Give each player's first name.
Acquaintance Quartet
Each youth member will receive four tickets which he or she makes a personal quartet with the following topics:
acquaintance_game_quartet Hobby
The cards are collected, and shaken (not stirred) Then everbody gets four cards. Every player is then allowed to go out and ask cards from other players. the following rules must be followed.
You should ask for a specific card of a specific youth member.
Is the requested card present on the person you may request a second card.
Is the requested card is not present, the other person may ask for a card from you.
When each member failed to get a card they go and ask other people.