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Fracture Contusion Kit
First Aid kit
First_Aid_Kit Under, a display of content for a standard First Aid Kit.
wound dressing 2 pcs wound dressing A Wound Dressing is a sterile absorbing pad, connected to an hydrophilic elastic bandage.
Quick dressing 4 pcs
2 pcs
1 pcs
Quick dressing nr.1
12 x 12 cm
Quick dressing nr.2
18 x 18 cm
Quick dressing nr.3
18 x 28 cm
A quick dressing is made out of a gauze, a highly absorbing material and a hydrophilic bandage put into one. The absorbent material is in a mesh bag: the pad. On both sides of this bag are rolled bandages. The whole is sterilized.
Sterilized_cottonwool 2 pcs Sterilized cottonwool
Sterilized cottonwool or white wool is free of grease and can absorb much fluids (eg blood).
Synthetic_wool 4 pcs Synthetic wool
10cm wide
These are resilient and used to apply, regularly distributed, pressure on a wound. (Allso used For bruises and sprains). They do absorb fluids but not as good as white wool.
Sterile_gauze_compress 16 pcs
10 pcs
10 pcs
Sterile gauze compress
Sterile gauze compress
5 x 5 cm
Sterile gauze compress
10 x 10 cm
A gauze dressing (gauze) or a wound dressing is sterilized gauze. It's so packed that, in a dark and dry environment, it remains sterile for some time (about 4year). Sterile gauze is hydrophilic, this means, that it can absorb moist. It is available in different sizes. The most common sizes are 5 x 5 cm 10 x 10 cm and the so-called sixteen (16 equal pieces cut out of 1 m2).
Metaline_compress 4 pcs Metaline compress
10 x 12 cm
A metaline compress pad is a highly absorbing material, covered with perforated aluminum. It is a sterile, smooth compress of witch the aluminum side should be placed onto the wound, this prevents sticking to the wound. It is particularly usefull for burns.
Wound_Compress 4 pcs Wound Compress
7,5 x 7,5 cm
100% viscose, on both sides with a layer of polyethylene and polypropylene, high absorption, no adhesion to wound, using both sides possible. Note: This product has the same application and uses as a metalline compress.
3-angled_cloth 3 pcs 3-angled cloth
A triangular cloth is usually made of cotton or non-wovens. The cloth can be used as a sling, wide tie or a narrow tie (splinting).
hydrophilic_bandage 3 pcs
3 pcs
hydrophilic bandage
6 cm
hydrophilic bandage
8 cm
It is made of loosely woven, elastic material. It can be stetched about 2.5 times. It fits well to bodyparts, dous not wrinkle and the risk of shifting is very small. Available in different widths, namely 4, 6, 8, 10 cm.
Ideal_bandage 2 pcs
2 pcs
Ideal bandage
8 cm
Ideal bandage
10 cm
Permanently elastic, about 100% elongation. 63% cotton, 36% polyamide and 1% polyurethane. Particularly suitable for applying a pressure bandage.
Safetypin 6 pcs Safetypin In order to fix a sling and to improve access to any splinters.
safe-kiss 1 pcs Respiration tissue
Breathing cloth with one-way valve. Covers the face of the victim hygienic. Also suitable for use within the proffessional assistance. Incl. Operating Instruction on the cloth. You breath through the mask into the victim's mouth. The valve provides excellent protection against HIV, hepatitis and other nasty diseases.
Gloves 2 pair Gloves Disposable vinyl gloves. Packaged in pairs. For single use.
Bandage_scissors 1 pcs Bandage scissors Scissors with a blunt tip and a nod in the "mouth"
tweezer 1 pcs Splinter forceps This tweezer can be used to remove a splinter out of skin.
Adhesive_patch 1 pcs Adhesive patch
2,5 cm
Adhesive Tape can be used to connect gauzes to (dry) skin. Adhesive Plaster is available in rolls of 1.25 cm and 2.5 cm wide. Length 5 meters.
1 pcs Disinfectant Betadine or other antiseptic
wound_plaster 1 pcs wound plaster Wound Plaster is a strip of sterile gauze with, adhesive plaster attached to it. It is used for small wounds. Available in widths of 4, 6 and 8 cm.