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Fracture Contusion Kit
Fracture_hand In case of a fracture, there is a fracture of a bone. The body portion may be in an abnormal state and the patient can usually experience difficulty moving. There may arise a bruise. Broken bones can be closed and open fractures, with an open fracture the torn skin piece marks the site of the fracture. To avoid exacerbations you immobilize the broken limb and you need to offer support. (Example, use a sling with a fracture in the arm or a wide tie with a broken collarbone). In case of an open fracture, you have to cover the wound without applying pressure, keep the wound as sterile as possible. (Put Sterile gauze on the wound and and fix it with tape).
You Always consult medical help.
Fracture_arm With children you need to remember there may be a fleece around a bone. When a child breaks this bone it may be that the fleece keeps the two bone parts together. This is called a twigfracture. The break should be equally stabilized and again professional help is needed, because a twigfracture can only be identified by means of an X-ray scan. When breaking a bone the body will immediate start producing adrenaline and less pain will be experienced. Never wait with the suspicion of a fracture. Definitely go to a doctor.