Technieken First-Aid

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Fracture Contusion Kit
choking Choking is when the contents of the mouth does not get into the esophagus, but in the long horizontal pipe. Almost everyone knows the unpleasant feeling when it is a liquid, coughing up the moisture from the trachea, it is the cure. With food it may be different. A bite of food can close the airway, what makes breating impossible. To remove this blockage you punch with the bottom of your hand between the shoulder blades, do support the chest.   Does this not have the desired effect:
Go stand behind the victim.
Put your arms around the victims chest.
Place your fist with the thumb of the hand between navel and lower sternum.
Includes the fist with the other hand and pull both hands jerked obliquely upward toward you.
If this does not help, call 112. For children, after these operations you always go to the (family) doctor.
Heimlich maneuver